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In late May, Fulton County property owners should have received a Fulton County 2017 Property Assessment Notice.

Due to concerns raised by residents, the Board of Commissioners has voted to correct 2017 Tax Digest.

2017 Fulton County Property Assessment Fact Sheet

As a result, property owners should disregard the Property Assessment notice mailed in May.  A new 2017 Assessment Notice  will be mailed in August.

Any appeals submitted are now null and void. A new appeal period will begin with the date of new notices.

According to action taken by the Board of Commissioners on June 21, 2016 values will be applied to most residential properties for 2017, with the exception of:

  • New construction, new parcels, and properties with changes in acreage, living area or renovation will maintain their 2017 values.
  • Properties with any change in exemption, either as requested by the property owner before June 21 or removed by the Tax Assessors’ Office in error, will be corrected with the appropriate exemption for 2017.
  • Properties that were subject to litigation that changed ownership, value of the land, or improvements within a tax parcel as a result of the appeal will maintain 2017 values.

Values of all commercial properties in Fulton County will remain at the assessed 2017 levels, due to undergoing an extensive review process in 2015 and 2016. 

On June 28, the Fulton County Board of Assessors voted to act upon the resolution approved by the Board of Commissioners. Staff from the Tax Assessors Office, County Manager’s Office, County Attorney’s Office, and Information Technology Department and others are taking steps now to implement the correction process.

Within the next week, Fulton County property owners will receive a mailing instructing them to disregard the property assessments mailed in May. Any appeals submitted to date will be nullified. A new appeals window will begin starting with the date of the new notices, which are expected to be mailed to property owners in August.


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