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General Evacuation Procedures for County Employees

In the event of an evacuation or other emergency Fulton County Building Security or other designated staff will coordinate the notification of building occupants. When the audible alarm sounds begin and the strobe lights flash, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. 1.Gather your belongings and listen for instructions over the public address system. You may be instructed to stand by for further information, proceed to the staircase and evacuate the building or proceed to your designated shelter area and shelter-in-place.


  1. 2.Follow the instructions of the Floor Leader on your floor.


  1. 3.Leave the building quickly but orderly only when instructed to do so. Carry County ID card for accountability and re-entry into the building.

Note: If you are away from your normal work area in other parts of the facility, stay with the group you are with and ensure that your name is passed on to the Floor Leader of that group and relayed to your assigned department for accountability.


  1. 4.Report immediately to assigned assembly area. Upon arrival, report directly to assigned Floor Leader for accountability. Report any injuries or missing co-workers to your Floor Leader and/or Security personnel.


  1. 5.Refrain from loud conversations in the assembly area to ensure information can be heard and understood.


  1. 6.Do not leave the assembly area until granted permission to do so.


  1. 7.When instructed, return to you work area and notify your Floor Leader and/or supervisor of any injuries, property damage, or other concerns.

Please Note: The Fulton County Court facilities follow a different evacuation protocol than the Fulton County Government Center and other County administrative facilities. It is imperative that you listen carefully and follow the directions from the Fulton County Sheriff Department Officers in charge.