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Evacuation of Persons with Special Needs


County Employees with Special Needs are advised to contact the Fulton County Equal Employment Opportunity division to ‚Äúself-identify‚ÄĚ if assistance is needed evacuating a building. (Employees are encouraged to consult with ADA Administrator regarding confidentiality of information.)


Do not use elevators or escalators.
The Fire Department may override the rule against using the elevator in order to evacuate people.


Alert the hearing impaired to an emergency and assist with their evacuation.


Special Needs employees should develop a "buddy system"

The "buddy system" designates a specific volunteer (other than the Floor Leader) to assist and take responsibility for a person during an emergency evacuation or shelter-in-place event.


Assisting mobility impaired/disabled person/persons in an emergency:

People with disabilities may require assistance from others. However, always ask someone with a disability how you can help before attempting any rescue technique or giving assistance. Ask how he or she can best be assisted or moved, and whether they have any special considerations or a need for Assistance Consideration (Blindness or Visual Impairment)

The following procedures are suggested for individuals who can safely assist a person with a disability:

Assisting Persons with Blindness or Visual Impairment

Do not grasp a visually impaired person's arm; ask if he or she would like to hold onto your arm as you exit.

Give verbal instructions about the evacuation route using estimated distances and directional terms (Ex: twenty feet forward, turn right)

Evacuating a disabled or injured person yourself is a last resort. Consider
your options and risks of injuring yourself and others in an evacuation attempt.

Do not make an emergency situation worse. Evacuation may be difficult and uncomfortable for both the rescuers and the people being assisted. Some people have conditions that can be aggravated or triggered if they are moved incorrectly.

Emergency Evacuation Chairs have been placed in the stairwell landings of many County facilities that have two or more floors. County employees are encouraged to locate the Evac-Chairs closet to their work area. The Evac-Chairs should only be used as a last resort and only by someone who is properly trained in operating the Evac-Chairs.