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The board of commissioners finds that police response to false burglar alarms creates additional risks to public safety by diverting limited law enforcement resources away from both real emergencies and normal patrol activities intended and designed to prevent criminal acts. Therefore, the purpose of this division is to promote public safety by making burglar alarm users in the unincorporated areas of Fulton County directly responsible for preventing false alarms.

How many false alarms may I have before I will be charged

The Fulton County ordinance states that, for the third false alarm that occurs at the same premise within any calendar year, a fine shall be assessed in the amount of $65.00. For the fourth and each subsequent false alarm that occurs at the same premises within any calendar year, a fine shall be assessed in the amount of $100.00 for each false alarm.

What is considered to be a false alarm

An activated burglar alarm system signal shall not be considered a false alarm if:

(1) The police department is notified to cancel its response by the burglar alarm user or the burglar alarm user's monitoring agent prior to the time police personnel arrive at the premises;
(2) The burglar alarm system signal was intentionally activated by an individual based upon a reasonable belief that an emergency, actual, or threatened criminal activity requiring immediate police response existed;
(3) The burglar alarm system signal was activated by lightening or other act of nature resulting in an electrical surge which causes physical damage to the burglar alarm system and which damage is evidenced by the written report of a licensed burglar alarm system contractor who conducted an inspection of the system at the premises and personally observed such physical damage; or
(4) The burglar alarm system combines both burglar and fire alarm functions and the alarm user demonstrates that the system signal was activated by the fire alarm portion of the system.

How to appeal a false alarm

Subscribers may appeal each false alarm in writing within ten (10) days of receiving a false alarm report.In most cases, you must provide supporting documentation along with your written statement in order for an exemption to be granted.

Businesses that utilize alarm systems are required by the Fulton County Ordinance to register their alarm(s) with the Fulton County Police Department no later than five business days following the installation of any burglar alarm system. However, premises used exclusively for residential purposes are required by Fulton County Ordinance to register their alarm(s) with the Fulton County Police Department upon the third (3rd) false alarm occurrence within any calendar year.

for unincorporated Fulton County  

Click here for an alarm registration form for Unincorporated Fulton County
Click here for a copy of Fulton County's Alarm Ordinance

To apply within these Municipalities please use the following telephone numbers:

MunicipalityTelephone no.MunicipalityTelephone no.
Atlanta 404-330-6213 Chattahoochee Hills 770-463-8881
College Park 404-767-1537 Palmetto 770-463-9068
East Point 404-559-6286 Roswell 770-594-6185
Fairburn 770-964-2244 Union City 770-964-2288
Milton 678-242-2500 Hapeville 404-669-2100
Sandy Springs 770-206-1467 Johns Creek 678-512-3241
Alpharetta 678-297-6303

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