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Since 1978 the Atlanta Urban Gardening Program (AUGP) has strived to bring people together through gardening from different economic cultural, racial and generational backgrounds.

AUGP works in the community providing the opportunity for thousands of families to experience growing their own fresh vegetables. This gives people a chance to come together, work, grow and learn together.

AUGP reaches out to the community through:

  • Leadership Training Meeting
  • Outreach Programs which we feed the homeless, donate coats/clothes to shelters, care package to soldiers overseas and send items to other countries that are in need.

AUGP is always putting knowledge to work by teaching gardening to schools, churches, communities, therapy programs, day camps, summer camps, senior citizens programs, colleges, universities and boys and girls clubs.

The AUGP is funded by the Georgia Cooperative Extension Service and other grant sources.

The goals of the AUGP include:

  • To improve the basic quality of life for participants
  • To improve diet and meal planning while reducing grocery bills
  • To teach participants to appreciate the environment and natural resources

The AUGP is a partnership of the Georgia Cooperative Extension Services in Fulton and DeKalb counties and local community groups.