Fulton County Government

Justice Reinvestment Initiative

The Board of Commissioners commissioned the Justice Reinvestment Initiative in January 2016 to develop a system-wide plan to drive better outcomes across the justice agencies.

Average Jail Population


Consistent with the goals of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative, our reform ideas are designed to accomplish the following outcomes.

Cases are processed in a timely manner.

Defendants are detained/released in the most balanced, appropriate, and risk-informed setting.

Individuals convicted of committing criminal acts are held accountable and have a low rate of re-offense.

Those with mental illness in the justice system receive humane and appropriate treatment.

Stakeholders who interface with the Justice system believe they are treated fairly.

The system works cost-effectively.


From General Fund
in 2016$2.5M
Projected Funds
for 2017$7.4M

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners committed $2.5M in 2016 from the General Fund.

Opportunities for future investment funding and increases include: grants, justice agencies’ budget underruns, and operational efficiency gains.


A newly-chartered JUSTICE COORDINATING COMMITTEE works to further the mission and achieve the outcomes of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative. It is supported by five, internal working groups staffed with subject-matter experts from within the County.


We intend to achieve important system-wide impacts as a result of implementing this collection of reforms.

All cases disposed within agreed-upon time standards.

Average daily jail population is reduced by 400 to 750 inmates, leading to an incarceration rate below the national average.

Percentage of individuals released into the community who re-offend within 12 months is reduced.

All inmates receive universal mental health screening at intake, show improvement in their diagnosed condition while in jail, and are connected with a behavioral health provider upon community re-entry.

All court-processing transactions meet established timeliness and/or accuracy standards.

Annual cost reductions of $4-8 million are achieved and available for re-investment.