Reta Keppler

Reta Keppler

Graphics Assistant

Reta Keppler is a seventeen-year Senior Graphic Designer who specializes in print, digital, and web design with marketing experience. Graphic Design is her Passion! Solving problems graphically brings a smile to Reta that is contagious. She has an “Eye for Design” - as they say. Reta is someone who has a natural aptitude for knowing what looks good, what goes where, and how to get it done.

After joining the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, she has quickly adapted to the new industry in the Criminal Justice System. Due largely to her ability to analyze data and work with lawyers; Reta brings a unique non-lawyer perspective to the table – reminding all attorneys about the vantage point of the jurors. She simplifies cases so that critical details aren’t lost in the telling and the results are creative and impactful graphics that help influence the jurors in their deliberations.

After graduation from Florida State University in 2004, Reta has had extensive pre-press & digital experience creating various materials including, company identities, marketing brochures, publications, newsletters, product catalogs, direct mail pieces, packaging design, and websites. Along the way I have been fortunate enough to work with clients like the University of South Florida, Georgia Institute of Technology, Signs Now, and Marlow Marine - just to name a few.

Reta doesn’t work on Graphic Design solely; she is consistently working in her studio on fine art including painting, pottery, drawing, and printmaking. She enjoys spending her time actively with her dogs, hanging out with her closest friends, and enjoying every part of life that God has granted her. Who knows, maybe you will meet her at the local dog park!