Fulton County Cyber Incident Update - February 14

Fulton County Cyber Incident Update - February 14

February 14, 2024

Fulton County recently detected suspicious activity on our network that has led to widespread system outages.

Fulton County immediately informed local and federal law enforcement and engaged outside experts to investigate and assist in the recovery process. It is important to note that there is no evidence or reason to believe that this incident is related to the election process or other current events.

We are aware that an unauthorized third party is publicly claiming responsibility for the recent cybersecurity incident affecting Fulton County’s systems.

The investigation is ongoing at this time. There is evidence that suggests this incident was the result of a ransomware incident caused by financially motivated actors. Unfortunately, incidents like these are on the rise across the United States and the world, particularly affecting local governments.

Fulton County is working closely with law enforcement to continue our investigation and verify the validity of these claims.

The safety and privacy of our citizens is of utmost importance, and we are taking this situation very seriously as our team continues to investigate.

We are committed to a comprehensive investigation, and our teams are working to understand what specific information may have been affected as a result of this incident. If we determine sensitive personal information was involved in this incident, we will notify those parties in accordance with legal requirements and provide resources to help protect their information.

While the investigation continues, Fulton County is continuing to address operations affected by the widespread system outage.


  • All Fulton County email systems are working.
  • Fulton County is working to restore phone systems. Approximately 1/3 of phones have already been restored and additional lines are being added daily.
  • All Fulton County facilities are open during their normal business hours.


  • At this time the Fulton County property tax system has been affected. Electronic payments cannot be accepted at this time.
  • The Board of Assessors does have some search functionality available online.
  • Manual homestead exemption applications can be accepted. This is a manual process at this time, and residents may bring in their needed documentation to complete the application. Learn more at www.fultonassessor.org
  • Boards of Equalization hearings are continuing as scheduled.


Fulton County Justice system is operational, albeit without its systemwide technology system. As a result, many processes are taking place using backup systems. 

  • Scheduled cases are continuing.
  • Anyone who has received a court summons should appear and bring their summons with them.
  • First appearance hearings are taking place in person at the Fulton County Jail.
  • Jurors should respond to any Jury Summons. Check the Juror information page for updates at https://fultoncourt.org/jurors

Additional updates about court proceedings can be found on the websites of the respective court agencies:


  • Senior Centers are open.
  • Libraries are open, including online systems. Library computers are not available at this time.
  • Behavioral Health Services are continuing as scheduled.


To connect with other Fulton County services, please email customerservice@fultoncountyga.gov or call 404-612-4000.