Juvenile Court

Fulton County

Juvenile Court

Juvenile Court

The Fulton County Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over juvenile matters involving allegations of Delinquency, Dependency, Children in Need of Services, Children subject to Termination of Parental Rights or Permanent Guardianship, youth receiving Extended Care Services from the Department of Family and Children Services, Juvenile Traffic offenses, Emancipation and other proceedings requiring judicial consents.

The mission of the Fulton County Juvenile Court is aligned with its statutory purpose, to secure for each child who comes before the court “such care and guidance, preferably in their own home, as will secure their moral, emotional, mental and physical welfare as well as the safety of both the child and the community….[Georgia law has pledged] to promote a juvenile justice system that will protect the community, impose accountability for violations of law, provide treatment and rehabilitation, and equip juvenile offenders with the ability to live responsibly and productively.” OCGA §15-11-1.

As the Court reassess and gauges its transition post-pandemic, following the expiration of the Judicial Emergency, we shall continue to serve children and families who come before the Court safely and efficiently. In order to limit the physical presence of individuals in the courtrooms, courts may implement in-person, hybrid or virtual hearings, which will be conducted virtually via ZOOM video conference pursuant to Uniform Juvenile Court Rule 12.2.


Virtual Dependency Hearings
Dependency hearings will continue to be conducted virtually via Zoom video conference pursuant to Uniform Juvenile Court Rule 12.2.


Mandatory In-Person Delinquency and CHINS Hearings
Delinquency Adjudication, CHINS Adjudication and DFA hearings shall be conducted in-person unless there is consent to virtual hearing by all parties and approved by the judge. Pursuant to the modified Uniform Juvenile Court Rule 12.2 and Supreme Court Amendment to the Juvenile Court Rules regarding remote proceedings, waiver of the above hearings are permissible, with court approval, where the accused youth’s right to an in-person hearing is waived in writing and filed in the record with notice to all parties. The Court requires a courtesy copy of the waiver be provided to the assigned judicial case manager of the court.


Discretionary In-Person Hearings**
Delinquency Disposition hearings, Transfers to Superior Court/Bindover hearings, contested TPR hearings, contested Dependency Adjudication hearings and other complex matters as determined by the Court will be considered for in-person hearings and will be specially set at the discretion of the court.


Mandatory Masks and Social Distancing
All persons entering the court building and courtroom are encouraged to wear a face mask or face covering before entering AND must maintain safe distance from all persons who are not members of their current household. As the courtroom social distancing capacity is limited, priority will be given to attorneys, parties, GAL, CASA volunteers and subpoenaed witnesses; others may be required to remain outside the courtroom until space is available. The Court has positioned monitors for viewing outside the courtrooms.


Mandatory Electronic Filing
All pleadings that are filed electronically shall be served on all parties with a courtesy copy to the court. All exhibits must be marked and submitted electronically to all parties and the Court’s assigned judicial case manager at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled virtual hearings.

Download Electronic Filing Guidelines for Subsequent Pleadings to the Clerk's Office


All Cases Specifically Time Set
In order to continue to limit the physical presence of individuals in the court building and courtrooms and to allow for those attending in-person hearings to adhere to social distancing recommendations, all cases, both virtual and in-person, will continue to be set for a specific time, referred to as time certain calendaring. Parties must be on time to hearings to avoid delay and minimize any impact tardiness causes on others.