Business Services


Business Services

Business Services

Fulton County is home to thousands of businesses, from many of the nation's most recognizable brands to small businesses of every variety.

Here you can learn more about doing business as a vendor with Fulton County, how to locate your business here, recruit talent to help your business grow, or learn more about necessary permits and inspections.


Business services

More services offered

Workforce Development – Direct Referral Service

The Direct Referral Service establishes employment partnerships with private and public sector companies to meet the company's employment needs when vacancies occur. Qualified clients are screened and assessed, with the best qualified applicants being referred to the employer as potential candidates. Employers also have the choice of utilizing our Career Center locations for onsite recruitment or hiring events free of charge.

Workforce Development – Young Adult Program

The Young Adult Program is a year-round comprehensive coordinated youth training and employment program for ages 16-24. The program expounds upon workforce opportunities encourage leadership and independent thinking, and assist the youth of Fulton County in assessing and accomplishing their educational and career goals as well as fulfilling their personal potential.