Absentee Voting

Absentee Voting

Georgia law allows residents to vote by absentee ballot, sometimes known as voting by mail. 



1.) Request your absentee ballot using the Georgia Absentee Ballot Portal. For assistance in using the new absentee ballot request portal, view the user guide


2.) Download an Absentee Ballot Application here and upload it through the Fulton Absentee Portal as a .pdf or .jpg between 1MB and 5 MB. Each submission must have only one application. View example.

3.) Return your absentee ballot application (e.g., by email, fax, postal mail, or dropbox) or make a written request that must include:

• the name and date of the election
• the voter’s name
• address as registered
• date of birth
• the voter's party choice (for partisan primary elections only)
• the voter’s signature


To submit an absentee ballot application via email, attach application as a .pdf or .jpg between 1 MB and 5 MB to elections.voterregistration@fultoncountyga.gov. Only one application may be attached per email.


Fulton County Registration and Elections
Absentee Ballot Division
130 Peachtree St SW, Suite 2186
Atlanta, GA 30303


For questions related to absentee ballots, call 404-612-7060, Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Your absentee ballot must be received by the Department of Registration & Elections by 7 p.m. on Election Day.


• If returning your absentee ballot by mail, the USPS strongly encourages voters to mail their ballots at least 7 days before the election.

You may not return your absentee ballot at your polling place.



Track your absentee ballot with the Secretary of State’s new BallotTrax system. https://georgia.ballottrax.net/voter/

Fulton County residents choosing to vote by absentee ballot are strongly encouraged to request their absentee ballot at least two weeks before election day to ensure that it arrives back to the Department of Registration and Elections offices by the closing of the polls on Election Day. Voters may request an absentee ballot beginning at 180 days before an election.


For additional information, please visit https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp to view the Secretary of State’s online guide to help voters with absentee voting.

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Absentee voting

Can a ballot be picked up for an individual who is requesting a ballot or someone else?

No. Absentee ballots are mailed and cannot be picked up in accordance with Code Section21-2-381 (2A)

Can anyone return an absentee ballot?

Effective April 2, 2019


Amends OCGA 21-2-385(a)

Absentee Ballot Return by Delivery or Mailing can be done by:


Voter Personally                               Individuals Residing in Voter’s household

Voter’s Family Member                    Disabled Voter’s Caregiver

Employee of Jail where Elector is in Custody


  • North Fulton Service Center (North Annex) - 7741 Roswell Road, Room 251 Sandy Springs, GA 30350
  • South Fulton Service Center (South Annex) – 5600 Stonewall Tell Rd, Room 105 College Park, GA 30349
  • Fulton County Government Center (Downtown) – 130 Peachtree Street, Suite 2186 Atlanta, GA 30303

How can I automatically receive an absentee ballot?

If you meet the following criteria: Elderly (65 or older), disabled, UOCAVA, Military Overseas, Overseas temporary resident, Military stateside, Overseas Permanent resident (federal offices only), you may choose to complete one application and receive a ballot for every election in the election cycle. For a presidential preference primary election, you will need to submit a separate application.

How do I make sure that the absentee ballot application is not rejected?

The application does require that you are a registered voter in Fulton County. The address as registered must be listed on the application. The application does require your signature. Instructions of how to complete the absentee ballot application is posted on the county’s website . The ballot has to be submitted by 7 p.m. on Election Day for regular elections and 8 p.m. when there is a candidate on the ballot for City of Atlanta Elections.

I am on the automatic absentee rollover list Why haven't I received my ballot?

There are several reasons why you might not have received your absentee ballot. If you have not received a ballot, contact the absentee ballot division at 404-612-7060. 

How long will it take to receive the *requested* absentee ballot?

The absentee ballot is mailed out within 2 business days after receiving your request, but delivery time may vary depending on the U.S. Postal Service.

What if my child is away at college-how can they apply for an absentee ballot?

In order for them to vote by absentee ballot, they must complete an absentee ballot application: http://sos.ga.gov/admin/files/Absentee_Ballot_Application_2018.pdf and return the application by fax: 404-612-3697; email: elections.absentee@fultoncountyga.gov; or US mail: 130 Peachtree Street SW, Suite 2186 Atlanta, Georgia 30303, Attn: Absentee Ballot Division. Please check with the university regarding residency to find out if voting absentee would affect their financial aid or scholarship eligibility.

How do i get a deceased loved one removed from registered voter list

Please fill out and submit this Notification of Deceased Voter Form 

WHere can i find the absentee voting guide?

The Secretary of States Absentee Voting Guide 2020 can be found here https://sos.ga.gov/admin/files/Absentee_Voting_A_Guide_for_Registered_Voters_2020.pdf