Court Related Mental Health

Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities

Court related mental health

Court Related Mental Health

Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative

The Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) continues to play an active role with the Pre-Arrest Diversion (PAD).

In collaboration with the Atlanta Police Department, the Pre-arrest diversion Initiative gives Atlanta police officers the discretion to divert a person from arrest by offering consent-based supportive services in the neighborhoods of Old Forth Ward, Downtown and Midtown. A PAD Care Navigation team meets the officer at the scene and immediately begins working with a diverted participant. Their priority participants are:

  • Impacted by racial disparities in arrests
  • Multiple contacts with criminal legal system
  • Excluded from other services
  • Unmet mental health needs
  • Substance use and abuse
  • Extreme poverty

The Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative provides case management, linkage to care, and participant advocacy. For more information about the Pre - Arrest Diversion program, visit: Pre-Arrest Diversion

Misdemeanor Mental Health Court

In 2018, Fulton County DBHDD, in collaboration with Magistrate & State Courts, debuted the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Program (MMHC). The Fulton County Misdemeanor Mental Health Court Program (MMHC) is a voluntary 3-5 month program to divert eligible misdemeanor citizen-defendants with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders from traditional sentencing to a supportive treatment program. The MMHC Treatment Team assists in creating and reinforcing treatment goals, monitoring with assistance from the courts and linkages to community resources to assist with housing, medical services, education, employment, mental health services and other community based service needs.

The MMHC goals are to:

  • Protect public safety
  • Reduce the incarceration and re-arrest of individuals with a mental health and/or substance use disorders
  • Link individuals with mental health and/or substance use disorders to services

Homeless Engagement Services

Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) Homeless Engagement Team provides face-to-face outreach with people experiencing homelessness. Homeless outreach takes place on the streets, in camps, under bridges, in temporary motels, shelters, meal sites, libraries, public facilities, and wherever else people might be located.

Fulton County Homeless Engagement Team helps with:

  • Connection to community supports
  • Coordinated Entry Housing Assessments
  • Housing and Shelter referrals
  • Medical and Medication services
  • Mental Health supports
  • Substance abuse support
  • Obtaining important documents (Photo ID, birth certificate, & Social Security card)
  • Food service referrals
  • Hygiene kits
  • Family reunification ...and more

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court related mental health faq's

How do I enroll in the Fulton County DUI Treatment Court Program?

The Fulton County DUI Treatment Court Program is a post-conviction treatment program for those who have multiple violations of driving under the influence or alcohol or other intoxicants. It is part of the probation portion of a DUI sentence.

How do I enroll in the Misdemeanor Mental Health Program

Participants are identified at the jail and through court referral to be routed to the Misdemeanor Mental Health Court jail calendar. The jail calendar promotes connection with services and preparation for release under appropriate conditions to protect both the participant and public safety.