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Teen Experience Series

Teen Experience Series - Next Session Coming Soon

During the summer of 2021 the Teen Experience Series offered a free, informative, and interactive 45-minute online series designed especially for teens ages 15 to 19. The classes were presented by our Adolescent Health and Youth Development (AHYD) program and taught by an experienced AHYD professional. In this sequence of candid conversations, our AHYD instructor will help separate the facts from the myths that young people may commonly share.

Topics included Teen Pregnancy and STI/HIV Prevention, Puberty and Hygiene, Drugs and Alcohol, Healthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Bullying, and Online Safety.

Drugs and Alcohol

This session provided Information on how alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can impact your developing brain and the rest of your body. This session also covered ways to communicate with peers to resist the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Teens will be empowered to make healthy choices and good decisions.

Teen Pregnancy and STI HIV Prevention

This session provided facts regarding teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections or STI's. Organizers discuss ways to prevent teen pregnancy and STIs/HIV and receive teen health resources and websites.

Healthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence Prevention

This session was about how to recognize and nourish healthy relationships, and how to identify and avoid the warning signs of unhealthy and potentially violent dating relationships. Teen dating violence resources and hotline information was provided.

Online Safety

This session discussed online and digital technology, and social media resources commonly used by teens and determine potentially negative and positive influences. Participants received a list of high-risk behaviors to avoid.


This session discussed just how complex bullying can be and how it negatively affects both the victim and bullies. Participants learned how to recognize ways to stop bullying from happening to yourself or someone you know.

Puberty and Hygiene

This session covered the physical, emotional, and social changes that occur during puberty, fertilization, and how pregnancy occurs with the female anatomy. The class also covered the importance of good hygiene, especially during puberty, and the importance of proper handwashing to reduce exposure to germs and viruses that can cause illnesses. This session also included a short movie by AMAZE to reinforce important messages covered during the session.