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Help For Employers

Help for Employers

Whether you’re looking to fill a new position or to train people who are already on your team, we can cover 50% or more of your training costs. Worksource Fulton has specialized staff to assist employers with a variety of their employment needs.   As a Workforce Development Partner, you will have access to a cross-section of motivated and highly skilled job applicants who are fully pre-screened.  

Along with recruitment, our partners can utilize our services for advertising and recruitment at no cost thus eliminating costly marketing campaigns. Learn more:

On-the-job Training

  • We provide funds for salary reimbursement – at 50% or greater – per participant for six months to train those who are unemployed, underemployed, or dislocated.

Incumbent Training

  • Sometimes an existing workforce needs an upgrade. Or an employee needs new training or a certification. We can provide reimbursement for training materials and supplies, tuition and registration—even instructors’ wages.

Job Placement for New Workers

  • We identify and screen potential new hires. You make the hiring decisions.

Workplace Fundamentals

  • People new to your workforce may need help with the basics. We get them up to speed and ready for the workplace.

Registered Apprenticeship Training

  • We can provide funds and support for your apprenticeship programs

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