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Workforce Development Board

Workforce Development Board

WorkSource Fulton, also known as Fulton County Workforce Development is governed by our Workforce Development Board and is comprised of representatives from the W.I.O.A. mandated partners, business community and other relevant organizations.  The infrastructure includes several Board Committees that work with the WorkSource Fulton staff to develop plans, policies and procedures for different components of the System.  Each Board Committee is chaired by a Board member and is comprised of Board members, with special emphasis on representation from the business community, officers of the Board and required partners.  All Board Committee documents that are developed must go to the full Workforce Development Board or the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Task Force Committees

Strategic Partnerships and Outreach - The Strategic Partnership and Outreach Committee shall identify strategic opportunities for the Board to engage and collaborate with organizations serving job seekers in Fulton County.

In addition, the Committee will recommend programs and strategies for serving special populations and strategic communities in Fulton, including providing resources and strategies to serve individuals with disabilities, evaluating areas where the workforce system can invest additional resources, and incorporating regional initiatives into the Fulton service delivery model.

Finance Committee - The Finance Committee shall review and provide guidance for the organization’s financial matters. The Committee will regularly review the organization’s revenues and expenditures, ensure that organizational funds are spent appropriately, approve the annual budget, and submit it to the full Board for approval.

In addition, the Committee will evaluate the effectiveness of grant funding by examining the performance outcomes of programs and identifying opportunities for cost savings. In addition, the Finance Committee will provide the Board with updates on available resources and program needs that require additional resources.

Accountability - The Accountability Committee shall ensure that the efforts and programs of the Fulton County workforce system are operating at the highest and best use of available resources. The Committee shall prepare and update the Board’s Local Action Plan; review the needs of the local labor market; develop strategic plans; review Adult and Dislocated Worker program performance; establish benchmark performance measures for the system; review on-site program contractor monitoring reports; and assist with the review and recommendations on Memorandums of Understanding and Request for Proposals.

The Committee shall also develop and update policies and procedures; and monitor and update training provider certification and one-stop certification, where appropriate. In addition, the Committee shall be tasked with evaluating programs to ensure the greatest impact on achieving the goals of the Board.

Youth Standing Committee - The Fulton County Workforce Development Board designated the Youth Council to be formally known as the Youth Standing Committee under WIOA Section 107 (b)(4). Members shall include community-based organizations (CBOs) with a demonstrated record of success in serving eligible youth and other individuals with appropriate expertise and experience who are not members of the Board and may also include parents, participants, and youth.

The Committee is to inform and assist the Board in developing and overseeing a comprehensive youth program. They may participate in the applicable deliberations of the Board on the issues related to their Youth Standing Committee functions and make recommendations for providers of youth workforce activities through competitive grants or contracts; however, if the Board determines there is an insufficient number of eligible providers in a local area, the Board may award contracts on a sole-source basis as per the provisions at WIOA sec. 123(b).

The Youth Committee will be further tasked with evaluating Youth performance measures and ensuring that successful strategies are in place to meet or exceed negotiated performance rates.

The Committee will discuss opportunities for pilot programs and grant funding opportunities to serve strategic youth populations.

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee will exercise authority and manage the business of the LWDB during intervals between board meetings. The officers serve as members of the Executive Committee, except for the power to amend the policies and the Bylaws.

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workforce development board Roster

 WorkSource Fulton L.W.D.B. Roster
Allen, Diane TCSG
TCSG Regional Operations Manager/ Region 5
Barnes, Bryson
Barnes Construction
Bell, Mike
IBEW Local 613
Assistant Business Manager
Boatright, Kali The Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce
Bremer, Karen Georgia Restaurant Association President & CEO
Butler, David
GA Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (VocRehab)
 Office Manager
Cook, Tom Flexible Technology Solutions LLC
COO & President
Darden Beauford, Yulonda Atlanta Technical College
VP Economic Development
Dover, Sanquinetta
President & CEO
Johnson, Rich
AVP - Legislative & Regulatory Affairs
Macke, James "Andy"  Corporate Environmental Risk Management (CERM)
VP, Client Services
McFarlane, Karimah The Buckhead Art & Company
Nickerson, Amelia  First Step Staffing VP of Development & Community
Noyes, Brian Fulton County Schools  Chief Communications Officer
Rooks, Stephanie
Gwinnett Technical College
VP of Adult Education
Ruder, Alex
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Senior Adviser
Russell, Shar'ron  Georgia Power  Community Development Manager
Schofield, Kim Kimler & Associate LLC President
Taggart Jr., Marshall
Clark Atlanta University
Associate Vice President
Wences, Juan Jose
Iron Workers 387 Organizer/Political Coordinator
Wimeberly, Yulonda
Grady Healthy Systems
Chief Healthy Equity Officer